A Few of Our Favourite Things Part 1

Throughout our training and trekking and hiking we have come across some exceptional products that are, well, truly exceptional.  These products are based only on our experience with them and we are not being paid to endorse, recommend or advertise them.  We feel they do what they say they will do and in some cases more, and are well worth the money.

We will be adding to this list periodically so please keep checking back.

  1. Solomon Hiking Boots Model #4D GTX W  – mens and womens.  We cannot say enough good things about these boots!  They work for pretty much every type of foot, they are waterproof, take no breaking in time and are SO comfortable. Their grip is superior to a lot of other boots we have tried and they work very well on the Kokoda Track.  We have trekked over hill and dale in multiple countries with nary a blister.  They have carried yours truly around the Annapurna Circuit, along the Kokoda Track and around the Mont Blanc mountain range with all the necessary training in between and are still going strong.  They are not cheap but they are worth every penny.  Get a pair.  Your feet will thank you over and over again.
  2. Grayle water purification bottles – Ultralight Purifier.  These are ingenious.  They do away with straws and other gizmos and are super quick at giving you uber clean water.  If you are carrying a water bottle anyway you might as well carry one that cleans your water.
  3. Dirty Girl Gaitors – We know.  Please don’t judge based on the name and please make sure you type in ‘gaiters’ when searching for these (we bear no responsibility for anything that Google finds if you don’t!).  These are truly amazing gaiters for training.  They keep those nasty sharp tiny stones, pine needles, everything out of your shoes/boots.  We first discovered these on other people while on the Tour de Mont Blanc, ordered them as soon as we got home and have been happily hiking pebble free ever since.  Probably not quite robust enough for the Kokoda Track but for your training for Kokoda, yes definitely!  And they look pretty cool too! (They definitely caught our attention on the trail!)
  4. Columbia Back Beauty women’s pants/capris/shorts – these are amazing pants/capris/shorts (we have them all!).  If we could wear these all the time (like to the office) we would.  They are water and stain repellent (and they are stretchy), offer UV protection and they stay put which makes them perfect for travelling/trekking.  Again, we have travelled extensively with them and they hold their shape after multiple wearings and washings (and they rinse out and dry very quickly).  The pants come in a a skinny leg or a wider one and both are good.  Get some!

That’s it for this round of a few of our fav things folks… we will keep our list going and have more choice hiking/training/trekking items to recommend for next time!  Please let us know if you have any tried and tested hiking and trekking items that you don’t leave at home when you travel.

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