Because we really do walk our talk, we are working with local coffee farmers from the Kokoda region and are pleased to offer locally sourced, IKA branded coffee for sale.  Working closely with the local coffee farmers in the Kokoda region supports our local coffee growers and, with net proceeds of each sale going directly to the IKA Foundation, we are able to assist our children with their post Grade 8 education by way of scholarships. Education on the Kokoda Track is difficult. There are primary schools in some villages, but not all and after Grade 8, parents much pay for their children to leave their village and live in the cities to be able to access any further education – a very tough go for so many families when they are reliant on basic wages to support their families.

We think supporting our coffee farmers and our children is a double win and if you would like to find out more about our coffee, pricing and size availabilities, please email us at:  We have medium and dark roast, ground and whole bean coffee available.