Arriving in Port Moresby

Once you arrive in Port Moresby, we will be there to meet you as you exit the secured area of the airport, and we will transport you to the hotel. You can relax and watch the city roll by as we navigate the city streets from the airport to the hotel.

Along the Track

Along The Track we visit small, isolated villages and some war sites. An early in the trek stop at Kokoda Station will provide a glimpse into the history of the area and also into a unique culture not found anywhere else. Our historians and guides have lived their lives on the Kokoda Track and listening to their stories and learning about their traditions and culture will enhance your appreciation of the hardships and difficulties experienced by the local people on The Track and also the uniqueness of the communities that still exist to this day because of the strong familial ties and traditions. While lush rainforest, towering mountains, and cascading waterfalls are all a part of the Track and provide you with a jungle experience not available elsewhere, it is the people here that will create the bonds that tie your heart to the Track long after you have returned home.

Sightseeing & Activities

As the Kokoda trail winds through remote areas, the opportunities for sightseeing and shopping are not as readily available as they are in the city. There are stops along the way with refreshments available for purchase and in some of the larger villages, there are stands set up with local crafts for sale that are hand made by the local people.

Sightseeing activities are available in Port Moresby pre and post trek and can be arranged by the concierge at the hotel. 

Once we’ve arrived in the village for our overnight stays, we suggest that a frisbee, ball or even travel bocce might be a fun way to spend your free time. Of course, a well-deserved nap might be in order as well!

Trekking along Kokoda

There is so much more to trekking in this part of the world than just historical war ruins. There is also the cultural experience of interacting with the local Indigenous people (known as “Koairi’ and “Oro Kaivans”). There is the challenge and adventure created by climbing through rugged mountain terrain, crossing fast flowing streams and the opportunity of catching a glimpse of a Bird of Paradise in the treetops. One of the greatest rewards, however, is the interaction between a small group of people working together with a shared goal and the personal satisfaction of knowing you have mastered the physical challenge of completing The Kokoda Track.

Cultural Festivals

In addition to the above, Papua New Guinea offers many other opportunities and choices for travellers. Papua New Guinea offers not only exotic bird watching, surfing and world class scuba diving but there are also many special cultural festivals and events throughout the year that offer a glimpse into this very unique culture. Please let us know if we can assist you in planning other activities after your trek to extend your stay in Papua New Guinea.