Indigenous Kokoda Adventures was established for a few different reasons. First, we wanted to honour our forefathers, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who helped Australian soldiers defend Kokoda and PNG during WWll. Our forefathers were there as “carriers”, helping transport supplies, gear and injured soldiers between Owers’ Corner and Kokoda. Because they passed on their experience and stories to us, their descendants, we have a unique and personal connection to the Kokoda Track that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our other main goal was to establish a company that would work to ensure that tourism would finally benefit the local communities along the Track as there has been very little benefit from tourism for the local people on the Track over the past 20 years. We know that the best way to empower local landowners and support communities on the Track is by operating a business that’s owned and managed by someone who has personal knowledge and lived experiences from the Kokoda Track. This means when you choose Indigenous Kokoda Adventures, you’re not only getting a life changing experience for yourself, but you’re also helping to support the local people and communities which changes their lives too.

We’re committed to making sure that our guides and porters are well taken care of and we believe in providing employment benefits that recognize their skills and expertise. They play a crucial role in our company, and we ensure they’re compensated fairly for their hard work. 

Our ultimate goal is to give our trekkers and visitors the best experience possible while also preserving our legacy and supporting the local communities. We’re confident that our depth of knowledge and experience about the Track is unparalleled. After all, this is our home, and we’ve been guides, historians, and porters for other tour companies for many years and we are now prepared to tell our stories of our lives and the stories of the Kokoda Track, in our voice.

Come join us on the Kokoda Track and experience the beauty and history of this incredibly unique place for yourself. We can’t wait to share it with you!

We know Kokoda because we are Kokoda.


Jesse Leta pic for website

Jesse Leta

Founder and Managing Director, Indigenous Kokoda Adventures and the IKA Foundation; Accountant by Profession, leader and visionary.

Jesse Leta is the founder of Indigenous Kokoda Adventures and the IKA Foundation. Indigenous Kokoda Adventures and the IKA Foundation are both 100% wholly locally owned and managed.

Jesse’s vision to establish a locally led and owned tour operating company and the IKA Foundation is being realized and his dreams of supporting the local people of Kokoda have become a reality.  Jesse is honoured to be helping his people reclaim their legacy while working with local companies and people who share this same vision.

Deb C Headshot

Deborah Campagnaro

North American representative for Indigenous Kokoda Adventures

Originally from southern Ontario, Deborah has lived in northern Ontario (Sudbury), northern Manitoba (Thompson) and northern BC, eventually setting in Vancouver where she resides with her family.

Working with Jesse and being the North American representative for Indigenous Kokoda Adventures has been, and continues to be, a new adventure in every respect.  She is honoured and extremely proud to be on this journey and looks forward to watching the Indigenous people of Kokoda reclaim their heritage and legacy by standing tall and opening their arms to welcome the outside world to the beautiful place they call their home.

IKA Board of Advisors

The Indigenous Kokoda Adventures (IKA) Advisory Board is comprised of a broad cross section of members from the external community, including leaders, visionaries, and also the public sector and private business community who understand the needs of the Kokoda Track and believe in the importance of local ownership of this company and the empowerment of the local people directly involved with IKA. We have ensured that our board members share IKA’s commitment to making a positive difference for the people, communities and villages along the Track as well as Papua New Guinea in general.


Kulala Mulung, Ph.d (Aus), MSc (UK), BSc (PNG), Dip. (PNG)

Dr. Mulung currently holds the position of Deputy Managing Director, PNG Science and Technology Secretariat and has been in this position since 2014.  His role includes setting strategic planning and direction in policy development for research as well as leading in the government’s science, technology and innovation initiative in this development.


Vodave Batia Omi, Chief, Historian

Vodave Batia Omi currently holds the position of Chief of Efogi village.  This title was passed to him by his father, Omi Batia Aubi.  Chief Omi has been the Chief of Efogi village for almost two decades.  His strong cultural lineage provides the knowledge and wisdom necessary to guide the village with a firm but equal and just hand, never forgetting how hard his Kokoda forefathers worked to look after their families, villages and communities while also keeping his vision firmly on the future of Kokoda.