Dr. Yalinu Poya Gow, Ph.D.

Hello everyone, my name is Dr Yalinu Poya Gow, I come from a mixed parentage of Southern Highlands and Jiwaka Province. Education is something that I hold close to my heart as I believe it impacts multi-generations and changes lives. From a small girl who was born and raised in rainy Lae, Morobe Province, I started with my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from my country at the University of Papua New Guinea, moved onto my Masters’ Degree in Inorganic Chemistry at the Northeast Normal University in the People’s Republic of China, and have recently completed my PhD in Chemistry.

I am a testament of an ordinary girl from PNG who dreamed big and was not afraid to try something new. Education has played a vital role in my life’s journey and I support and promote its importance to the younger generations in PNG. To be appointed as the ambassador for the IKA Foundation (IKAF) is something that I am very excited about. IKAF is a locally led foundation that assists by way of educational scholarships and support for children who live along the Kokoda Track as well as in some of the outlying areas of Papua New Guinea. I am very happy to be part of this local organization that supports our people and look forward to working alongside them in assisting our children with their education.