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11 Day Package (9 Days of Trekking)

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Day 1
Pre-Trek Arrival – Jackson’s International Airport, Port Moresby

Upon your arrival at the above airport, you will be met by an Indigenous Kokoda Adventures (IKA) representative who will ensure your transfer to the Holiday Inn & Suites where you and your fellow trekkers will spend the night (in a little bit of luxury) before heading out in the early morning.

There will be a pre-trek gathering in the evening where you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow trekkers, the group leaders and some of the porters and have a group dinner together.  After the meal, you will be briefed about the challenge you are about to embark on and this is where IKA will gather and record your insurance information and other paperwork necessary for the trip.

After the briefing, you (should) head to bed early and enjoy your hotel room and bed as it is fair to say that the next few days may be a little less comfortable.

Also note:

Your international flight costs are not included in the trek package cost however we can assist you with your flight arrangements if necessary.


Overnight at the Holiday Inn Express in Port Moresby

Day 2
Port Moresby to Kokoda (Deniki Campsite) approximately 3 hours

We take an early morning chartered flight to Kokoda where we will meet our porter and guides for our trip.  Once the group is ready, we set off from Kokoda to Deniki where along the way you will see monuments, memorials and also have a few minutes to visit the museum.  There will be a short battle site briefing by your trek leader about the Australian defensive position on the Kokoda plateau where the gallant 39th Militia Battalion first met the Japanese army on July 27th, 1942.

We now begin our climb over the infamous Owen Stanley Range.  We continue on, heading for Deniki where the first battle after the Australian withdrawal from Kokoda took place.

Our first night is spent in Deniki. Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast (Port Moresby), lunch, dinner

Day 3
Deniki to Alola Village (approximately 7 hours)

Today we continue on to Isurava Village.  We trek to the magnificent Isurava Memorial which was opened by Sir Michael Somare and The Honourable John Howard, the Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea, on the 60th anniversary of the battle.

We trek to Alola Village, making sure to look back to admire the spectacular views of the Kokoda Valley. Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4
Alola Village - Templeton’s Crossing (approximately 7 hours)

Today we trek to Iora Creek.  This was the final obstacle in the Australian advance and the scene of one of the most dramatic situations during the withdrawal from Isurava which involved savage fighting and many bitter memories for those involved.  Weapons pits are visible and you will see one of the key Japanese defensive positions at the top of the ridge. We continue our trek to the Templeton’s Crossing campsite where we stop for the night. Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5
Templeton’s Crossing Campsite to Efogi Village (approximately 10 hours)

This morning we depart the campsite and trek to the crossing area where the Australian soldiers fought a bloody campaign over a 17 day period in October of 1942.  The need for supplies was so great and the situation so desperate, that the Japanese defenders turned to cannibalism in order to survive.

We make the climb to Kokoda Gap and enjoy the spectacular views back down beyond the Kokoda Plateau, continuing the climb to Mt. Bellamy.  This is the highest point of the Track. After this, we enter the moss forest and continue through to the Tovovo Lookout, with the views of Naduri, Efogi and Brigade Hill.  The trek continues down to Naduri Village where we continue through and follow the track down the steep path to Evoge Creek. We climb up the other (steep) side and journey on to Launumu Village.

From Launumu Village, we trek down and cross Kavae Creek and walk on to Efogi Village.  Efogi Village is the largest village on the Kokoda Track with a museum, first aid post and a landing strip.  Here we will take some time to explore the village and meet some of the locals who are welcoming and friendly.  Efogi Village is our stopping place for the night. Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6
Efogi Village to Menari Village (approximately 5 hours)

Today we climb Brigade Hill.  We visit the positions held by the 2/14th and 2/16th Battalions during the Battle of Brigade Hill.  We visit the former Australian gravesite and after that we follow the Track down the ridge to Vabiavi River and then make the climb up to the village of Menari.

Menari is a large village where we will spend some time getting to know the locals and taking a swim in a slow moving river/creek.  If we are lucky, the children might reward our trekking efforts with a sing-sing, a beautiful performance that you will likely remember for many years to come.  Menari was the home of one of the original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, Faole Bokoi.

Menari is also the village where Lt. Col. Ralph Honner made his inspiring and now very well-known speech to the men of the 39th Battalion.   Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7
Menari Village to Naoro Village (approximately 4 hours)

Today we climb to the crest of Ladavi Saddle to the Menari Gap and then follow the Track to the Naoro swamp area.  We cross the Naoro River and continue on through the swampy area to Naoro Village where we will be overnighting. Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8
Naoro Village - Ioribaiva Village (approximately 7 hours)

Today we climb the Maguli Range to the top at Mogolonumu then we follow the Track south.  We will be able to see the Japanese defensive position with the weapons pits and communication trenches.  We follow the Track down to Ofi Creek and we now make the steep climb to Ioribaiwa Ridge and see where the Japanese were finally brought to a stop.  We make our way down to Ioribaiwa Village where we stop for the night. Included: Accommodation: Village Hut Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9
Ioribawai Village to Goldie River (approximately 5 hours)

Today we walk down to Va’ule and climb Imita Ridge and descend to the area of the ‘golden staircase’. We continue to trek down passing Good Water Campsite and Dump 66 and continue through the abandoned village of Uberi to Goldie River. Goldie River is our stopping place for the night. Included: Accommodation: Tent Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 10
Goldie River to Owers Corner (approximately 45 minutes)

Today is our last climb on the Track.  We make the final push from Goldie River to Owers Corner.

At Owers Corner, our bus will be waiting and will take us back to Port Moresby.  However before we go back to the hotel, we will make a stop at the Bomana War Cemetery.  This is an opportunity to pay our respects to the fallen Soldiers and we can pause to remember and give thanks to all those people, regardless of where they were from, who made the ultimate sacrifice as part of the 1942 Kokoda Campaign. Included: Accommodation - Holiday Inn & Suites Breakfast

Day 11
Port Moresby - Departure Day

You are free to depart anytime. Note: Accommodation along the Kokoda Track is in Village Huts. Indigenous Kokoda Adventures reserves the right to vary the trek’s itinerary/schedule in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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